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About Us

Welcome to the TheBreakFastHours.Com Official Website ( We love to share information that we knew. Out of which, I feel happy to share information about the restaurant breakfast, lunch, & dinners timings.

The idea of building of the Thebreakfasthours.Com website came from my previous experiences. Let me share you that.

During my office working hours, I used to wake up at 07:30 AM in the morning. So, I used to go to the restaurant for breakfast at around 10:05 AM. But, at that particular time, the restaurant which I visited is not available. Its breakfast time is from 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM. So, I was disappointed at that time.

I have faced such incidents thrice. So, at that particular time, I collected all the breakfast hours or breakfast timings from various restaurants. Myself and my friend visited all over my city and other cities and collected the information. We used to collect the following information during our week offs.

So, with the following breakfast hours schedule, I used to visit the restaurant within the time to have a delicious breakfast. Moreover, I used to share the following information with my mom, dad, family, & friends.

One fine day, my dad suggested me to open a website and share the following information to many. So, it was the idea of my father to share the restaurant’s breakfast hours/time/schedule. So, I thank my dad for giving such a great idea.

Now, a small information from myself would help all the people. Also, I would be updating the timings regularly if any changes arises.

So, all the information mentioned in this website is collected from the official sites & directly from the respective restaurants. Thus, all the information given is true to the best of my knowledge.

Myself and my friend are working on the website. I hope everyone will support us.

If anyone is willing to work with our team or willing to give suggestions, then, please contact us. We are happy and enthusiastic to get suggestions from everyone.

With gratitude, TheBreakFastHours.Com Team. Thanking You, Visit again.